60 Seconds with
Doug Basham
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60 Seconds with Doug Basham

Doug comments on Rosie O'Donnell's recent controversial "radical Christianity" remarks.
Doug hopes the Democrats have learned something from the Bush administration in the area of bill naming.
Mort Kondracke may have just stumbled onto the political equivalent of the "missing link" for the Democrats in this fall's mid-term election.
Utilizing his trademark style, Doug queries Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan on the subtitle of his new book.

The Bush administration tells us we've captured al-Qaeda's #2 guy in Iraq. ... ... ... So?
Doug demonstrates his cutting edge style in this question to Jack Carter, son of President Jimmy Carter, regarding Jack's opponent for a US senate seat in Nevada, republican incumbent John Ensign.
Doug comments on the latest incident regarding New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.
Doug contends there are just some remarks that cannot be allowed to pass without a counter remark.
Weak on Terror - Part 1: Doug contends that none of the retrospective Iraq lies justify the cost of this war.
Weak on Terror - Part 2: Wasn't 9-11 a great example of a "weak on terror" administration?
Doug comments on the right's latest fear mongering buzz phrase, "World War III."

In his new book, "Conservatives Without Conscience," former Nixon counsel John Dean wrote that some people claim conservatism is difficult to define. Basham questions Dean on this.
In the funniest segment of the entire interview, John Dean shares the response he receives from right wing radio talk shows.
Doug contends that an honest debate on the 'war on terror' is long overdue.
Doug points out the huge disconnect between a nation that professes to be founded on Christian principles, but struts around proudly proclaiming "We're at war!"
How and why the Bush administration 'encouraged' Israel to attack Hezbollan/Lebanon.
Some advice for all those "weak on terror and defense" Democrats.
Doug sinks to the lowest common denominator of human nature, and makes fun of the way Homeland Security chief, Michael Chertoff looks.

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