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The Right Would "Rather" Shoot the Messenger

Given that we live in what has become known as the information age; given the advances that we have collectively made as a nation; you would think that somewhere along the line, we would’ve also been able to somehow move beyond the “Rather” primitive ritual of human sacrifice. And I think for the most part, Progressives have. But after observing the right wing, Regressives’ behavior concerning the war in Iraq; and how they’ve continued to demand more and more American and Iraqis lives to be sacrificed - under the guise of fighting terrorists of course, but in reality, all in the name of protecting their dishonest leader and covering his deadly deceptions and lies that preceded this war - I have my doubts.

And after watching them dance around their camp fires last night, cloaked in traditional, ceremonial tattered native garb; fiery flames accentuating the ritualistic red marks painted on their crazed faces in pig’s blood; all engaged in shameful and if I’m not mistaken, expressly forbidden idolatry by proclaiming homage and loyalty to their false Bush God; and all celebrating the sacrifice of yet one more media sacrificial lamb; I am almost convinced this is one right wing ritual that will not go quietly into the good night.

Personally, I think Dan Rather’s departure is nothing short of a travesty. It is yet one more glaring example of the most prevalent and dangerous problem this nation faces, namely, the democracy threatening imbalance in our media. And let us forget for a moment that Dan Rather made a journalistic mistake. I say, who could blame him? He wasn’t prosecuting a court case. He probably believed the overall truth of his story – and his story was true - would be more important than the authentication of one particular document. He was probably more concerned with saving his country from a cabal of maniacal thieves and blood thirsty liars than he was with documenting every piece of evidence he planned on introducing to what he was obviously unaware would end up being the right wing court of injustice.

Rather evidently forgot the right wing, witch hunter’s creed. When you have no message - attack the messenger - and savagely. And attacked Rather was, so viciously in fact, that a funny thing happened on the way to the office. The fact that George W. Bush did not serve honorably; did go AWOL; and was given preferential treatment – were all swept under the carpet - drowned out by the incessant cries of “liberal media bias” over one particular undocumented document. Rather’s biggest mistake, in my opinion, was forgetting the old axiom “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

The right takes almost orgasmic delight demonizing what they deem slimy, unscrupulous lawyers who constantly find ways to bypass uncomfortable facts. Ironically, the right emulated the slimiest of lawyers and defeated Dan Rather on a technicality. Chalk this up as yet one more milestone in the right’s feverish quest to become history’s torchbearers for hypocrisy. They detest when lawyers win on technicalities, but it’s more than OK when they win on one.

And as hypocritical as this behavior is by all conventional, reality-based behavioral standards, according to Mark Crispin Miller - in an excellent interview with [ link ] it is also consistent behavior for a movement comprised of people with a self-survival instinct to project that which they despise the most about themselves unto others; to re-direct – if you will - their latent, overwhelming self-loathing.

Whatever label you want to attach to the unforgivable sin the right wing media has convinced the majority of America Dan Rather committed, the reality is, not one person died as a result of it. How many of his media colleagues can say the same, upon close examination of their role in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, including Rather himself? Funny how the demonic right had no problem with Rather when he actually did lie; so long as he was lying on behalf of their sainted misleader in chief.

Same scenario with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Whatever label you wish to affix to the unforgivable sin the right wing media convinced a certain contingency of America Bill Clinton committed, again, not one person died as a result of it. Clinton’s successor, on the other hand – George W. Bush - lied an entire nation into an unprovoked, unnecessary war; thousands upon thousands of innocent people have died with no turnaround in sight; and because Bush’s multiple crimes against humanity don’t involve a semen stain, they too, have been sadly swept under the carpet of delusional self righteousness, along with his pitiful military record.

And exactly how could both of these appalling, gross acts of misconduct - his war and his war record - BE swept under the carpet? Look no further than the media Bush supporters continue to claim is liberal. I would submit if ever one needed any more proof that the regressive right’s constant chant of liberal media bias was just more inherent dishonesty from an inherently dishonest group of acutely disturbed people, the Dan Rather case proves conclusively that regressive bias in the media far outweighs liberal bias.

Someone who reported a true story but failed to authenticate a particular document, is bullied into leaving his job, by the same entity - namely the media - that the bullies who are pushing him out continue to insist is biased against them – the bullies! And yet no-one at CBS – or any other media outlet has been bullied into leaving their jobs for repeating White House lies that have led to the deaths of countless thousands of innocent human beings.

This is why they hate us, folks - not because of our freedoms; and certainly not because we’re always right; and not even because we delude ourselves and try to delude the world as well that we are always right; and not even because of our collective inability to admit we are not always right. I would submit it is our rampant, reeking hypocrisy and our collective partisan unwillingness to confront, discuss, acknowledge and finally right our wrongs that forms the basis for much of what the rabid right likes to dismiss as America-hating, which I contend is nothing more than hypocrisy hating.

And so, Dan Rather becomes this nation's latest sacrificial media lamb, all to appease the Gods of rabid, right wing, partisan dishonesty and hypocrisy. And lest you think my “human sacrifice” angle is a little over the top, I would submit the reality that once again the truth was sacrificed, is sadly and deadly accurate.

I have a few questions for all die-hard right wing nuts. Don't you ever feel embarrassed and ashamed by your constant, relentless and incessant whining and moaning? Doesn’t your pride ever beseech you to stop playing the eternal victim who’s always being picked on and is too damn cowardly or weak to defend himself?

Don’t you ever become humiliated over your unremitting espousal of “accepting responsibility”, while you yourselves do nothing but blame everyone and everything else for what you’ve allowed yourselves to be brainwashed into believing are problems - ironically, problems that exist primarily in the deepest, deranged corners of your paranoid, partisan minds? Problems that have been largely manufactured by the same brilliant brainwashers who have managed to convince you that greed, selfishness, paranoia and murder are somehow “Christian” values?

Will you ever realize your inherent self-loathing stems from the aforementioned un-values you have allowed yourselves to be brainwashed into believing are true values, and, by people who give not one solitary damn about you (unless of course, you own a corporation) except to the extent they can brainwash you into voting for them.

And my final 2 part question is - how can you look at yourselves in a mirror, and how do you sleep at night?

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