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Email Response to my "A Coward Goes to Baghdad" Column
November 30, 2003

Hello Mr. Basham,

I am stationed in the Iraq theater and have limited access to the www. but I know the truth when I see it. I just read your oped about the Coward making a trip and I couldn't agree more. You hit the nail on the head. I was a big supporter of Bush, but after being here for nearly a year now I know the truth and you are telling it. Thanks for your insite on the issue and not being afraid to tell it.

Thanks From Iraq,

xxxxxxxxxxxxx (* I decided to withold the gentleman's name. I wouldn't want to responsible for his ambushed just for telling the truth. *)


I'm a new internet listner. Just found you and heard my first program today. I discovered you through your excellent artical posted on I like what I hear.

Great show - keep telling the truth and don't give the bastards an inch. I'll be tuning in on a daily basis.

Dan Harris

Homer, Nebraska

Dear Doug Basham,

Great article about Dubya's web of lies at the base of our virtual reality 'truth' pablum believed by the group think ignorant. I still have yet to ready about the role of the announcement that Senator Clinton and Rep Jack Reed were planning on going to Iraq to get on the ground information on what was happening, during the Thanksgiving period.

I am positive that had the media not announced their planned trip, that Texas chicken hawk turkey would never have inconvienced himself to interrupt his Thanksgiving holiday to visit the 'troops' for his 2 hour face to face. I am sure Herr Rove arranged the whole thing to upstage Senator Clinton's Thanksgiving trip to Iraq to visit the troops and to assess the current situation.

Ditto, that he cajoled and ultimately forced Dubya to participate in this pr stunt....when is someone gonna tell these nitwits that it takes more than strutting around wearing a Superman's cape to be Superman... Dubya's delusions are complicated, deep, and grandiose and toxic to America. Keep on writing your revelatory articles!

D. Shatin Levittown,


I love you!!!!!!!!!

I wonder why it is there is no one running against Bush who has the "balls" to say exactly what you have said. Instead of pointing out what you pointed out, they all say, "it was great", "terrific", the closest they came to criticism, was "too little too late". It is not just the media that is complicit in this fairy tale, it is the opposition as well.

When I heard of the surprise trip and all the secrecy, I immediately thought, if there is so much "good news" coming from Iraq, then why go through all of this. After all, Hillary Clinton announced her trip long in advance, and she took the chance. I guess you could say, Hillary actually has more courage than our President. Interesting, don't you think?

Also, doesn't Air Force One, have a system on board to deflect SAM missiles if one were to be launched. A system that is, according to our President, much too expensive to install on commercial airliners. So it doesn't quite explain to me why they had to land in Baghdad with no lights and all the shades drawn, if you believe that one too.


Vera Lofaro

Great piece.

One will certainly not see this analysis in the mainstream media. What I fail to see is how so many admire this man and don't see him for what he really is. How can a man who was AWOL (from the national guard no less) command respect from any military person?

Every time I see Bush spewing his bravado I think of this quote: "It is easy to be brave from a distance." Keep speaking out!

Jim Myers

Macomb, MI


Great article and get right to the point! I chuckled all the way through it, save for the very serious implications of it all --- Good work! Hang in there bro.

Randolph E. Maudsley

New Mexico

BRAVO on, "A Coward Goes to Baghdad"

I personally like to use the analogy of snakes (like Bush) coming out at night to slink around in silence tho'. Keep that brain typing!


Doug --

Your piece was blisteringly effective. He is a shell of a man.

Mike Shannon




Thank You.........................

Thank you for the breath of fresh air... After all the sh.. we have taken from Bush & Co. I am glad to see that someone else, besides me, see what's going on in this sick country.

Keep up the great work.



Freedom is being fought for you so you can shit on America, that is what makes america great but what makes you ugly. What do you think al queda would do to YOU if they had the chance or are you one of those naive people that think they would leave us alone if WE left them alone or WE caused their hatred.

This country is not perfect and our government is far from perfect. Radicalism is wrong whether its Islam or Free Journalists. Do you think Bush is evil for "lying" and loves to have americans killed? Who is honest in your eyes? What country? What leader? What part of "Terrorism" don't you understand?

Hillary Clinton went to both Iraq and Afghanistan and didn't try to sneak in. Does this make her even braver and bolder, as she's probably just as recognizable a person/target as Bush?

Don't think I'll be hearing this mentioned in the liberal media too often.

Thanks for telling the truth.

With the corporate media controlling the airwaves, is there any hope, or are we beating our heads against a wall? Is it all over?

William N. Leifer, M.D.

Topeka, KS

I am a Canadian, and I am embarrased for all Americans who have to read and listen to such garbage that comes out of your pointed little head. First of all I would suggest you get a haircut befor you go out in public.

Secondly every morning you get up you should rush outside and kiss the ground, and be thankfull that you live in a country such as the good old U.SA., that would tolerate such hate directed to a leader of a country you live in. You conveniently forget he was elected by the people in a democracy. (* Excuse me?!? This putz was not democratically. *)

It is people like your self who will rip democracy to shreds, who constantly are underminning the natural process of democracy. Wait four years and elect a new leader. But I know people like you, you simply are not happy unless your are running someone into the ground. I can safely say that even Christ would be your President today you would not be satisfied,and would continue to run him down for no apparent reason. (* I thought Jesus Christ was president today. *)

Hello Doug:

Just read your op-ed piece, and wanted to thank you for applying some elements not too frequently seen lately: passion, integrity and eloquence. You said it all for me... too.




You really are an asshole.

Laura Goetz

Hi Doug Basham,

I just read your op ed piece on the Internet. I fully support you and applaud you for being brave in America under George (Watch What You Say) Bush's presidency. Here in Canada it is simply breathtaking what US officials are saying at the behest of Condolezza Rice, Bush and others.

While the whole Vietnam story unravelled while I was a child, I never had the sense that Canadians had to watch what they say and do. And Nixon was one crazy president. But under Bush, with ambassador Paul Cellucci threatening serious consequences for our staking'an independent foreign policy on Iraq and not joining the tiny coalition I cannot recall a time when our neighbour to the south has felt less friendly. The lying is so poisonous and the whole lie to Bush's trip saying the plane would be turned around if anyone found out shows what a coward he is. You are bang on.

As family live in America, I hope with them for a return to sanity after the next election, providing your voting machines count the ballots actually cast and don't default a portion to the GOP to ensure a Republican White House regardless of what the actual vote count might be.

Ray McGinnis

Vancouver, Canada

The stupidity of conservatives never ceases to amaze me, as well as that of the media (and the majority of the American people, come to think of it). And to MY way of thinking, no-one has got this trip right yet.

In other words, "everyone's stupid but thee and me, and sometimes I worry about thee...."

Megalomania is a treatable disease; seek help. It occurs to me that you're a member of the media which you indict as "stupid," ergo... Keep it up, Stupid. The more often brainless twits like you vent in public, the more likely it is that Bush will be reelected.

Whoops -- gotta run. Rush is on shortly and I have to go get my Conservative Decoder Ring so I know what my marching orders are for the day. (I overslept and missed the first bulletin on "Fox & Friends.") Happy Christmas anyway, loser.

Rick Martin

Camarillo, CA

Mr. Basham,

Try not to be too full of yourself. Did it ever occur to you that had the President announced the trip in advance, not only would it have ruined the surprise for the troops, but it would have put all the troops that were in the camp with the President in danger? Not only that, but increased the chances of a traitor in uniform having the necessary prep time to launch an attack on the President?

Additionally, I don't believe Bush EVER said things in Iraq are "hunky dory" as you so eloquently put it. It is not the Presidents job or place to be out on the battlefield LEADING the charge. Any notion to the contrary is just plain stupid and not worth any OpEd space.

Let me "bottom line it" for you now...are you at ALL in support for ANY of our military actions against terrorism anywhere in the world? Are you for any of our counter terrorism operations existing here within the country or for the protection of our borders, shipping lanes, airports, seaports, train stations, landmarks, et al? If the answer is yes to ANY of the above, I ask you this: While you ridicule Bush for his "Bring 'em on" and "The United States will not be intimidated by a bunch of thugs." comments while sitting safely in the White House here in the good ol' USA, may I ask what comments do YOU have for the enemy and for our troops while sitting safely at home writing your OpEd pieces here in the good ol' USA?

Do you think Saddam should have been left in power? If not, did you go to Iraq and call for his ousting? One more question...if President Bush is all that bad for our troops and constantly putting their lives needlessly in danger and not "supporting them" (reference back to your tirade regarding Bush blocking the Iraqi funds going to Gulf War 1 soldiers tortured in the torture prisons), may I ask why the majority of our men and women in uniform support Bush and openly support our actions abroad? Why have the troops that make up our military forces almost been conservative?

While you rant and rave about the things Bush has told us (and yes there have been instances where Bush has blatantly contradicted himself from one day to the next), you have overlooked one simple thing. Saddam HAS had links to terrorism and even though the WMD reasons for the war in Iraq have not panned out, Saddam was dictator that needed to go. The majority of his country wanted him out and he HAS used WMD's in the past. Here in the United States, there is no statute of limitation on murder, why should there be one for genocide? Surely you haven't forgotten the use of chemical weapons on the Kurds in the north......?

Should you make reference to this article on your show, I would thank you not to include my name, however I would very much love to read your reply. Since your website describes you as loving a debate, I thought perhaps you might want to read and respond to my questions.

Nane Witheld by Request (* NB: In invited the writer of this email to come on the air with me and debate this with me. So far, he says he's "sleeping on it." *)

Bushit in Babylon

You are RIGHT ON. I can't even look at the sleazeball creep without wretching. Hillary went and walked around...she has more balls than the chimp. He is a despicable, graceless, crude, disgusting worm. And the press are foul for supporting this lying cretin. If he is reselected god help us all,

Great article

I am sooooo sick of the "liberal" media making this snake out to be "bold". Thank you for telling it like it is - I am soooooo sick of Repugnantcans!!!!!

Nice Job, Doug

Stay with it -- I'm one of those folks who can't believe that he gets away with this shit. And I'm nervous that Bush, never having faced an enemy beyond, say, a hostile sales clerk, may make even more costly moves in the future.



I thought I was the only person (actually, my husband and me) who looked at these antics as the cheap propaganda-for-reelection ploy this administration is well known for. Thank God someone else has seen through the charade and has articulated the facts so precisely. How dare this benighted little man and his minions use our poor soldiers so shamelessly?

When is this country going to wake up from this nightmare and say, "enough!"? If he had a shred of common decency, a tiny bit of true leadership, he'd have been hip-hopping on Air Force One all over the world throwing himself on the mercy of our allies and literally begging other governments and the UN to PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE help us get our tails out of this quagmire we have made ourselves so that our poor kids can come home for the holidays to have turkey dinner with the people who really matter to them--their families and friends.

Anyway, I firmly believe Karl Rove has poisoned the water or the air of the entire country so we have all become slobbering, cringing, mind-numbed robots that say, "Yes, Karl, yes Dubya--we do love you, we do, we do!!!!" constantly all day. We are living in Stepford Wivesville and we can't ever wake up. Glenda, the Good Witch, can never rescue us and send us home.

Anyway, please keep telling it like it is. I was especially moved by the writings of the G.I. in Iraq and the former soldier--moved and further enraged. I, thankfully, do not have any loved one embroiled in this mess but if I did, I would be going stark-raving mad with ire. And even though I don't have a loved one or friend there, I am sick at heart for those poor kids that have been sent to this hell for no reason other than to save Bush's political ass. Keep the fires burning!


Miami, FL

Dear Mr. Basham,


For all any of us know Airforce One flew around in circles for 13 hours and landed in Fort Bragg, NC for the famous Thanksgiving surprise. There is no proof whatsoever that he actually landed in Baghdad. We haven't seen any photos of Bush getting off the plane or back on. All we see is dark curtained rooms. It's far more likely that he landed in Saudi Arabia or in Kuwait. Would any Fox 'journalist' say anything different?

Would any of them even know where they landed if they weren't told? One airport looks just any ther if you haven't ever been there before. Also, if he left the US on Wednesday night and arrived in "Baghdad" the next morning it would have been Friday there. did those 600 soldiers have to suffer through two Thanksgiving dinners?

And if it was in the very early hours of the morning when did that Turkey he's photographed carrying get cooked? Today I talked to two people who said they have never been conspiricists at all, but they find themselves not believing anything that this administration says. I ditto that too. Frankly I don't think he went there at all. He's the man who was busy 'getting out of harms way' on September 11, 2001.

He's the man who refused to go to war in Viet nam by getting a cushy stint in the National Guard, and who even went awol from that just so he wouldn't have to take drug tests. Now suddenly he's some hero type that'll go to the enemy's lair? Hardly! when has he ever done a physically brave thing before? Hell! he even stood a good four or five feet away from the turkey he pardoned so as not to get his pecker pecked again.

Thanks for the anger. There are millions of us who feel it and it helps to have you voice it for us.

Judith Foster

The First Coward

Dear Doug:

Thank you for so fervently articulating the utter rage I feel at Bush's Iraq stunt -- rage that literally leaves me speechless. Also, the most sickening thing is to see the reception the First Coward received from the troops -- as though he were Henry V.

As a USAF vet, I've thanked God many times that I did not have to serve under this murderous rat of a man, otherwise, I'm not so sure I wouldn't have ended up as one of the tragic Iraq troop suicides we hear about.

Personally, as a New York Democrat, I put my rage to use and was out over the weekend collecting signatures to put Howard Dean on the primary ballot here. Despite the apathy of the sheeple, we will evict this First Coward from the White House in 2004, and though HD is my choice, I don't care which Democrat it is --(well, then again, Lieberman is scary, too -- but, whatever.)

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your column. Thanks for putting it out there.

Keep on keeping on,

Bri Held

Dear Doug,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for one of the best columns I have seen on the ridiculous pr stunt and the entire administration.

I know you are going to catch a lot of negative comments for this, so please know that there really are people out here who also see and know, and are glad to know that we are not the only ones doing any thinking.

I just learned about you through democraticundergroun, but am definitely spreadin the word, on my boards,and through my email lists. Once again, thank you and keep up this wonderful work.



Nice article.

Should be required reading on every news cast in the country as many times as the stupid Baghdad shot was on. Thanks


Cherundolo Florida

Subject: Wonderful!!

What a great article!! I wish our corporate media would start giving us the facts instead of kissing his butt!

I had a letter published in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on Saturday, calling Bush's trip a shameless PR stunt, that was how I saw it. Hopefully, most of America will see it that way too.

Yes, he is an arrogant little coward who does not deserve to be called leader of the free world. What a travesty!

Linda Ribner

Lauderhill Fl

You are a sick and twisted communist/fag/ pinko /socialist/liberal/ Clintonista...................people like you need to move to France!

you are not alone

keep on speeking out, if there's one thing these goons seem to do, it's to underestimate anyone who thinks diffrentlly from them, but I do believe in the true greatness of the American people and when they get a clue they will turn on these guys so quick it will surprise everyone but some of the few that have seen through all the BS.

Peace friend


I like your style. Keep it up. There are many of us out there who can see through this "administration", and it's good to hear someone telling it like it is.


Thanks, Doug, for calling a cowardly bald-faced liar a BOLD cowardly bald-faced lying coward!! Bravo.

Linda o'Brien

Hi Doug

Good column! It is interesting to note that the 'media' is substandard in so many ways for so many years! It is an easy call for them to heap praise on the most undeserving person on earth, and collect a bonus from their editor-they wouldn't do that for free would they?

My impression is that GWB was shaking in his boots the whole trip, wishing or praying that someone--anyone!!--would find a reason to turn back. So his pilot makes a radio silent trip, makes an instrument landing in total darkness and he is rushed to safety in the hanger where a great many sevice people are, ready to jump in front and take a bullet for him or listen and cheer and directed to pompuous nonsence and get some turkey from the 'chicken-a-la-mode'-what no handkissing?-followed by a quick retreat. Hurry they may find out GWB is here. You put it nicely.



You failed to point out that Fox News serves the same function for this administration that the Soviet News Agency Tass did for the communists in the former Soviet Union.


Tom Penfield

Hey Doug, Nice try at getting some attention for yourself with the whole Bush-coward thing. I see it as pretty much so-so rhetoric to try to elevate your weak position in the media. Yawn. It's tough making a name for yourself, isn't matter how cheap the shots you throw out there. Thanks for the laugh!






Right On!

John R. Selig

Dallas, TX

You are pathetic-got your panties in a wad,eh? All patriotic Americans were thrilled by GW's visit.Only whiny socialist commies such as yourself try to denigrate the support of American troops.

Right on. Finally someone has told it like it really is about Bush and this administration. I felt like a lonely soul out here because I was beginning to think that I was the only one who felt this way. I feel alot of people in this country have turned into sheep. However, if one gets their news only from TV it isn't any wonder. Well, I willl not be led. Thanks

Louise Peterman

Friedens. Pa.

If this is the best that you can do, it's a very poor show for the Left. No wonder you're only on the radio for an hour and look at the time slot for God's sake. 0030hrs! (* Doug's note - Hey goof! I'm on during morning drive, the most desirable time in radio - but the right never lets facts get in the way of hatred, right? *)

The only ones listening must be the coyotes looking for food. I heard you USED TO BE ON kdwn, didn't last too long did you? (* Doug's note - You're right. After I started telling the truth about Bush, I wasn't there much longer. *) What happened? Your ideas too far to the left it even pissed them off? By the way, did you ever serve in the military? (* You mean like George a.W.o.l. Bush? *)

Read your humorous article entitled, "A Coward Goes to Baghdad". Very tongue-in-cheek clever and witty, but would have had even more laughs if you had deleted "the President" and sub- stituted "fat assed Hillary".

Bob Paul

Newbury Park, CA

Just got thru reading your anti-Bush rant and am now convinced you are nothing more than a "One Hour Wannabe"! Keep it up sport, you add humor to my otherwise humdrum socialist infested day! LOL!!!

Don Ruedisueli

Macomb Twp., MI

I read your hysterical article on Free Republic. You wouldn't know real courage if it bitch slapped you across the face. President Bush is a great leader, and our country is lucky to have him in charge. He will be re-elected in 2004, so you'll have lots more to write about after his second inaugural. Commie liberals like you should panic. Gutless, terrorist appeasing, left wing weasels like you should be afraid of Mr. Bush. Real Americans, on the other hand, support him and appreciate his leadership.

So fuck you, faggot.

You Sir, are a JERK!!!!!!

Dear Doug Good grief. What a drama queen. I haven't heard so much squealing since Ned Beatty in Deliverance. You write like Margaret from Dennis the Menace. Keep it up. As long as you liberals keep bashing Bush, the Republicans will keep on winning elections. Just keep repeating to yourself, and everybody else, that ....

Gore won.
Losing the House was a fluke.
Losing the Senate was a fluke.
Losing California was a fluke.
Losing Mississippi was a fluke.
Losing Kentucky was a fluke.
President Wandering Weenie was a great President.
Monica was a Republican plot.
Burning the flag is patriotic.
Abortion isn't really killing.
Drag queens should be leading Boy Scout troops.
All guns are evil.
Higher taxes are good.
Conservatives are mean.
Ashcroft is worse than Sadamn.
Hillary cares about the little guy.
Bush is dumb.
Liberals are smart.
Only liberals know what is best for you.
Where are my Chomsky tapes?
Where is my Che poster?
Bush is dumb.


Piece of Shit that is. Hey dumbfuck how about Clinton firing those cruse missles into the desert and killing some camels. Oh and maybe you forgot about the bombing of Kosovo at 30,000 feet so we wouldn't lose any pilots and ruin Klintons precious legacy. How about Clinton in Somalia where he turned tail and ran and basically denied involvement and blamed General Colin Powell who I might add was retired at the time. How about the Cole bombing to which he never responded. I could also note he dodged the draft. So before you bash the current resident of the White House you might want to consider the failures of you Hero Bill Klinton.

Trailer Park Badass.

Doug, hope you don't have an anxiety attack but I guarantee you that Bush will be re-elected President. Here's to another 5 years!

Sounds like a personal problem you have with W. It is amazing , after having Clinton as President for 8 years, you can call Bush a liar. Not everyone has the balls like you do, to say what you say, needs to be said. I don't think it is the size of the testicals that make you able to say , what you said in your article. I believe it is the size of the cerebellum.

Your bashing of Bush not only is degrading, it also has a negative affect on the moral of our troops, that is , if they should read or hear what you have said. This is probably , unlikely they would read or hear your comments, since you are not well known and probably are not broadcast outside of Vegas.

It does , however, makes one wonder, if in fact you may be on the side of the terrorists. I doubt very much, they have any more hate in them for our elected president, than you do. You are a poor excuse for a human being. You are to be pittied. Thank God, you are in Nevada.

Ron Lynn

Henderson, KY

Dear Mr. Basham, I read part of one of your most recent columns in which you called President Bush a "pathetic, cowardly little man". Please spare me your insults. If you can't express your political views without such petty and insulting comments, you should leave the political arena. I would imagine you stood and cheered when Mr. Clinton released 11 FALN terrorists who had wounded and killed police officers and others.

Sincerely yours,

Steve Wampler,


....all those dead Iraqis don't mean anything to you. Thankfully, they did to Bush, and because of him, thousands of Iraqis will live who would otherwise be dead or tortured at the hands of Mr. Congeniality and his wayward sons. However, I suppose that leaving Saddam in place would have been just peachy with you. And don't hand me any bulljohnson about liberals hating Saddam just as much as any conservative. They didn't. How do I know this? Liberals didn't want take any steps to rid the world of this monster. Now then, one last thing. Writing ain't radio. Lose the caps.

Regards, Chris Jefferson

North Lauderdale, Florida

In response to Doug Basham's OpEd

I only have one thing to point out. As a former GI, having spent many years in combat arms fields in the US Army, I ask you to think of this from the GI's point of view. While I know that the rear-echelon GIs who whooped and hollared for Bush meant it from their hearts -- anything for them to get a feeling that they're not forgotten would have been welcome, especially a visit from the president -- but one ought to contemplate what the troops thought at noon on Thanksgiving day.

Do the math. Remember, Bush snuck into Baghdad at 5-something AM and only spent 2 1/2 hours in the city before fleeing. That means those GIs who Bush served "Thanksgiving dinner" to were ordered to get up at 5 or 6 AM and told to go eat a "breakfast" of turkey, mashed potatoes and all the fixings.

By noon it would have dawned on all but the most cerebrally-challenged GIs that they had been used like a cheap whore for a presidential photo-op propaganda ploy designed to generate warm fuzzies in the people watching football with full bellies back in the US. The president's actions were worse than being merely cowardly, they exploited the GIs on the ground for a few fleeting domestic political points.

Rave on, Doug--rave on. It's sweet music to my ears, and it's also a confirmation of George Bush's success as President. Anybody the weird Left hates as extravagantly as you do has got to be right about darned near everything. One thing, though--watch that blood pressure! Getting that angry--kick-the-cat, chew-the-carpet, punch-the-wall angry--can do a number on a guy, and we just can't afford to lose a journalist of your eloquence and objectivity. So ease up a little, OK?

Peace and love, dude.

Dear Mr. Basham: I love your rant on Bush's fake-ass "visit" to Iraq. I almost fell over dead when the media called this baby-boy stunt "bold" and "courageous." It is obvious to me, as it is to you, that this disgusting excuse for a president is an out-and-out coward who can't even FAKE bravery. Jesus weeps. If people really fall for this stuff, there is no hope. But I hope your rants are available in the reading room at Gitmo after I get my liberal butt shipped there for insufficient worship of that pansy-ass jerk in the White House. Thanks again for pointing out the obvious to all the mouth-breathing acolytes of the GOP.

Renee Hamilton

Richmond, VA

Terrific, absolutely superb article ! If only we could read this in major media outlets! Op-ed NYT !!? Best wishes !



Having had the misfortune of stumbling upon your rambling and repetive story - or should I say fable - about our Presidents trip to Iraq I decided I had to write to write to you. I wanted to point out the many deficiencies in your illogic but I don't think you are concerned with logic.

You yourself said that the media and most Americans see it different than you. That should tell you something. You are no visionary! You're a bum with an agenda and how you acheive your ends matters not to you. There will, however, always be a place for pathetic little weasles like you - right at the bottom of the barrel.

thanks for the story. i agree fully.bush lies,soldiers die. i used your points towards my hilbilly bush supporting coworkers and they said i'm now rootin for the enemy (whoever that is). you should note and bring to light how many soldiers have died in the last month. not lookin good.

John in Cincinnati

You are obviously on America-hating, Saddam-loving asshole!! Rot in Hell!

Johnny Wendell here

Saw yer Bush bash in SmirkingChimp and all I could think was: How the eff am I gonna top this?

I will try: 5-7PM today, KFI640AM

Douggie: You are a prime candidate for an aneurism. Hope it comes soon! :-)

Ed Turner

Atlanta, GA

Dear Doug:

I'm replying to your op-ed piece published on 11/30/03, entitled,"A Coward goes to Iraq." First of all my background: I am a highly educated, 2 tour, Vietnam Vet, Marine Corps Sgt. Fluent in Vietnamese, grunt, and Psyops Chief. Also, OSU educated in dual majors and took electives like Arabic and Chinese for the Easy "A".

It seems to me, it is very easy for another person to call a leader a coward. Taunts and name calling I have learned are the usual last refuge of persons who have run out of ideas, lack good form and have no gonads of their own. While President Bush might not respond to you feel free to take any matter up with me.

By the way, I mean in any manner you would like to choose. E-mail debate, conference, hand-to -hand or grab, your whatever of choice and stand opposed. In conclusion, I am rather embarrassed your name is so closely spelled and pronounced like mine. It would pleasure me greatly if you would consider changing it to ButtHead or something along those lines.

Very Sincerely,

Richard L. Bashaw


Have you ever lived outside of the US? Do you speak a foreign language? ANY foreign language? Have you ever been shot at by an enemy soldier? Do you have any clue what kind of world it is out there? Do you even THINK in English, as opposed to merely EMOTING in it? You really have no idea what it is you are ranting about. Most serious people who have travelled, and studied history, or have at least been paying attention for the last thirty years or so, are very much in agreement with our government's foreign policies today.

The Muslim extremists who took out the WTC are quite eager to kill you, and me, and everyone else in this country who doesn't submit to their religious fanaticism. This is true whether you get it or not. The President of the United States, no matter WHO he is, has a responsibility NOT to get killed while in office, if possible, because such an event would be BAD FOR THE COUNTRY. Doesn't matter WHO's in the presidency, if there's no orderly transition of power, it throws 'sand in the gears'.

It would've been bad even if it was Slick Willie who'd showed some guts instead of Dubya. Bush did a brave thing and pulled it off - but then, his life is on the line EVERY DAY - simply because he holds the office he does. You must have it pretty darn good out there in Vegas - to be so damned ignorant you can just spout off any old kind of nonsense whenever you want and no consequence comes of it. What a great country! Pull your head out of the sand, and wake up to what's going on in the wide world before you pop a blood vessel, will you? And be prepared to see him re-elected in 2004. You don't really think any of the Democratic clowns stand a chance, now, do you?

I, for one, am glad that someone in the media has the guts to see and say things for what they are. Just when I thought that the beltway media and Bush are over with their honeymoon, they surprise me by having breakfast in bed. Why don't we just rubber stamp everything for this idiot whom so many think is a great President. I JUST DON'T GET IT! Thank for great piece of writing. You made my day.

Marc Avon,


Doug: Is logic something you consider when writing? Perhaps considering an approach yielding less personal emotion and more rational thinking?

Best to you,


I suggest you read the Economist-- they suggest that the "Bush haters" are going his work for him by driving people away from the Progressives! Some might say you are just a tool for Bush!

The only coward I see is you!

You are an idiot, plane and simple. Your ranting and raving is nothing short of absurd. A coward like you would be lucky to be half the man George W. Bush is!

Basham, I guess that anything to the right of a neo-marxist like yourself would be "right-wing", but all we've heard from the media, which tilts to the left always, is a rain of shit about Bush and the 'failed' policy of the war. Bush never claimed Iraq was going "swimmingly", that's just a fiction you left-wing nutjobs put out there so you can call Bush a liar. Bush always said, repeatedly, ,that he would 'stay the course'.

Do you think, fuckhead, that he'd have to say that so many times if things were going 'swimmingly'? Where is it that you 'come from', our public schools? Because you prefer to make shit up about Bush and then say he 'lied' about it. Where was your man Clinton when our boys were unilaterally bombing the shit out of Kosovo, you moron? Or where was your self-righteous column when Clinton LIED and said our troops would be out of Bosnia by 1997 (we're still there, prick).

Bush never called his mission 'bold', and Fox News wasn't the sole media representative on the trip. You can call Bush anything you want, and you do, but most of it is based on lies. You never gave a shit about our troops until a Republican was using them for defense of this country (and not using them to peacekeep in Europe). If Bush had announced his trip, fuckoffs like you would still criticize it.

You're a neanderthal that gets away with barely coherent left-wing diatribes because people mistake slurring others as clever rhetorical strategy. You're talk isn't bold, and you're more of a coward than Bush. Anyone that refuses to get the facts straight and settles for cheap shots does so because he can't formulate a fucking argument. You hide behind childish sneers. Which has been the Left's problem all along. I didn't think Bush's act was bold, I thought it merely appropriate. Which is what 90% of Americans think, and why your nutjob loony-tunes ideology has absolutely no support-- and no future.


I bet susan sarandon and tim robbins were snickering right behind you as wrote this whiny,i'm still mad that gore lost the election piece. so get over it have some respect for our commander and chief or you just don't know how, i don't know maybe your parents did one too many hits or your just another bleeding heart liberal who has no clue about the real world.You are entitled to your stupid opinion but to start calling names like coward is wrong until you've ever been in a life and death situation than maybe you can use that term other than that shut your mouth.

Yea, tell it like it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your an idiot. You have no idea what fredom is! (* No, but at least I can spell it correctly! Sheeesh *)

Actually, this isn't going to be much of a rebuttal as I don't have time to read through your entire article, but I do believe you are misguided in calling the president of the United States a coward. Specifically, I am addressing one of your emphasized points, quoted here: "But what did he say instead? First thing he said wasâ?¦ 'Shhhhhhh.' The second was, 'I was fully prepared to turn this baby around and come home.'"

I would not call this cowardice -- instead, I would call it wisdom. I think at any time having the president killed would be dangerous to the country in many ways -- not the least of which being perceived weakness opening up the door for more terror attacks here in America. So, under the guidance of wisdom, the president kept his plans secret and was prepared even to look like a coward by turning around b/c he felt that it was more important for him as the president to live and lead this country than die in an act of foolish bravado.

I think visiting Iraq to motivate and inspire the troops, which surely you would agree has successfully been accomplished, was a bold move. It would have been easier and safer just to stay at home here in America.


Mr. Basham, I just read your op-ed on Bush's trip to Iraq. Very good job. Finally, someone is saying something. The connections you made were very clear, though I do think you went too far with the name-calling and such. I go to school in Washington, but spent last semester (Spring) in Spain. During the lead up to the war, I was surprised how easily Bush got the American public (and opposing politicians) to go along with his war plan.

Over in Europe, everyone was a little confused as to the precedent it would all set. Since then and many times before then, Bush has used 9/11 and terrorism as hot words to scare us into any course of action he deems correct. Tax cuts? 9/11! Patriot Act? 9/11! I'm surprised he did not make the connection between Medicare and September 11th. The most amazing thing is we claim to live in a "democracy," yet any time there is a voice of dissent, we are labeled traitors and un-Americans. My point is, I hope you keep writing. Speak louder and maybe people will finally open up their ears.

Ronnie Farzad

Whining gets old after the third paragraph. Try using a little more intellect and less sniveling.


Typical uninformed anti American Bullshit. Ha Ha we had a good laugh at your writings. Thank you for the obvious Milk-Toast opinion of an a_sh___e You appear to be a "typical do-nothing but complain" waste of a good Americans Breathing space. Have a great day. Btw, the French are looking for a few good men of your type for a cowards army. Give it a thought.

Dennis G. Brown, Sr.

Sir, I do believe you've hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head. Bravo. It doesn't surprise me so much that they (Bush, Cheney, et al) pursue the self interested crap that they do, but that the American people are gullible enough to buy this pile of manure.... that's heartbreaking.

I think the right has definitely shown itself more adept at neutralizing any sort of moderate or progressive agenda, They hog-tied the American judicial and legislative system during the Clinton administration threatening impeachment over Oval office blow-jobs, travel office foolishness, and completely foolish Whitewater foo-fah-rah.

They block virtually every Clinton judicial nominee, and yet raise the biggest stink over a handful of blocked Bush nominees. AND they seem never to be called on the carpet for their own egregious actions!!!! They're winning. And we the people... are losing. I'm aghast, outraged, but mostly stunned and saddened that it can go this way.

They've turned the concept of Democracy into a front for control by a handful of controlling bastards who have no scruples about manipulating the people of this country for whatever means suits them. Please continue to speak out, though I fear the vehemence of your speech may overwhelm the mindless middle Americans that need to be woken up to what you're saying...

Best of luck to you.

Mark Branagh

You frikkin suck! Take your little girllie ass and join the military and then come back and talk your shit! You've never been and haven't got a clue. I spent 20 years in the army and that little show by our President did more for those soldiers over there then giving each of them a free pass to a "cat house"!

Randy Sundquist

Disabled Vet

Doug, I must say that piece is one of the BEST I have read in a long, long time. You said it exactly the way it is! Great, fantastic piece. It should be required reading for every citizen of this country! Thank You!

Kind Regards,

Vickie Sandack

Bourbonnais, Illinois

All those college classes just to trash your country. I'd like nothing more than for you to except a challenge from me to you for an old fashioned knuckle fight. Your soft crispie cream filled head that your sitting on would look much more patriotic with my foot in it. Let's see who the coward really is. You have my email address. Send me a note excepting my challenge. Nobody ever has to know. Man to man, toe to toe, face to face anywhere any time. Everything you have you owe to your country. Liberal and conservative has nothing to do with that simple fact you jerk!


Rick Welch

I hope my son doesn't read your article. He's proud to serve in the AirForce and feels like we're making a difference with this war. You complain alot but don't offer any constructive ideas. Sounds like you need to travel over to Baghdad and see for yourself what's going on since you're convinced you are an expert on the war.

Doug, I really can't blame you for your views. Like most of the lunatic liberal left, having never seen real leadership before, you don't know what to make of it. Perhaps you view personally insulting editorials like this garbage as 'politics as usual'. But having no alternative to offer the American people, your opinion holds little weight.

Stephen Rawls

Chicago, Illinois

Big time Jerk, looney tunes.

you should be ashamed...if you hate this country so much, why don't you leave?

You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I read your op-ed piece and wonder why any organization would let you publish your disrectful retoric. I would suggest you take a good look in the mirror. It is people like you who fuel terrorists to strike us throughout the world. The believe we are not united partly because your irresponsible writings. I would like to see a retraction or would like to see you move to bahgdad and live under their repressive rulers.


Did your "research" show you that Bloomberg News and Washington Post were among the pool reporters on the trip with Bush? No really important to reveal the facts, is it. Coward is such a lazy word when applied incorrectly. Think of history and past wars before you spout. Your venom slants your message and by losing your objectivity, you lose your credibility. Sad, but true! Here's an article that should give your and your ilk some reason to step back and look at the big picture, as your party propels itself into the wilderness of irrelevance

You liberal pinkos make me sick. Why do you not sell this country down the drain and support Howard Dean he identifys with people like you. I am sure that he could turn around everything good that has happened since GW took office and leave the country in the same mess he left Vermont.

Robert W. Mays LTjg USN (Ret)

Nice piece. My wife suggests that a major motivation for this stunt was an anti-Hilary maneuver. They must have known she was coming, to Kabul as well, and sucked the media into overshadowing their coverage. Keep punching!

Dave Stone


The first person they will slaughter if given the chance is a person such as yourself. Don't you get it. The more liberal you are the more they hate you.


Can't stand it, can you?

Hatred will make you ill as evidenced by your vomit in the OpEdNews.

You're an asshole!!

Hey Doug, Guess what? You and the rest of the Red Democrats are going to lose big-time next year. You know why? Because most people are getting the connection between Karl Marx and people such as yourself. Just put a ballot box in the hand of Marx or Stalin and you have your typical Democrat. Put a rifle in the hand of your typical Democrat and you have Marx or Stalin; even better, Kim il-sung (spell?) of North Korea.

You people never have figured out yet that communist policies just don't work. And George Bush is going to clean your electoral clock!!! I'm looking forward to routine overrides in the Senate by Senate Republicans over attempts by the Red Democrats to stop Bush's packing of the courts with so many conservatives that it will make the A.C.L.U run for the hills!!! :-) Your time is coming, Bud.

Max Day

The only coward I see is a loudmouth liberal talking head who would piss his pants if he got within 100 miles of Iraq.

Rush Limbaugh takes oxycontin,what's your excuse? (* I told her my excuse was Rush Limbaugh! *)

Seems to me you can't come to grips with the fact that it's the liberals who are wrong. All the time!!

Well i am glad to see that there is a few people in the media that can actuly see thru this lieing motherfucker. the Navy pilots should have been insulted by this coke snorting, alcoholic DUI offending, draft dodging, week end Warrior wannabee... (the AWOL Asshole couldn't even make the grade on that.)....lied about landing on the carrier....the best pilots in the Army or AirForce can't even do what that shit head did.

Doug, i don't know how old you are, but do you remember Senator Joseph McCarthy, well that piece of shit is alive again, he uses the name...John Ashcroft.....It took Edward R Murrow to expose him. when you see Fox News, Ruppert Murdok....what do you think of???? I think of the 007 Movie, tomorrow never dies...Carver news and Fox....same thing Damn we are living in some BAD TIMES. well anyway i wanted to compliment you on your story you got balls, to bad a lot more in the Media don't


Well done on your "Coward goes to Bagdad"

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