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Republican Hypocrisy 101: Always Play the Victim - Often... and Loudly
December 29, 2004

In the immediate aftermath of the 2004 election, when the topic of conversation turned to religion and a) republican's claim to be the party of Christianity; and b) the claim that evangelicals helped re-elect Bush; one of the callers to my radio show made the suggestion that we should not try and "out-Jesus" the right. I agreed, and added that we should also endeavor to demonstrate that the right is not anywhere near as "Jesus-y" as they claim to be (along with of course, alerting our fellow citizens as to who owns the media, not to mention the machines that count the votes.)

Looking back at this Christmas season and what it's supposed to represent, namely, the whole "Christ thing" republicans always get their edible undies and leather G-strings in a wad over; I found myself pondering a few remarks attributed to alleged "Christian" spokespeople. You have Pat Robertson rallying millions to lobby God for the deaths of liberal Supreme Court justices - recommending prayers for coronaries and cancer; you have the gluttonous Jerry Falwell calling for the deaths of our enemies; and you've got the chaste Jimmy Swaggart calling for the deaths of gays.

I then thought about the millions of brainwashed, brain-dead, Bush boot lickers who continue on their merry quest for a seemingly utopian, fascist state (where blissful ignorance reigns supreme) and continue to support the wanton murder of innocent human beings in Iraq (and anywhere else the Bush administration lies them into thinking they have go to kill people). And yet, over the holidays, I would hear these same people - these same self-professed "Christians" - call conservative talk radio, completely unaware of what colossal hypocrites and fools there were exposing themselves to be.

On the one hand, they seemed completely oblivious to the fact of how they have willfully eliminated the "Thou Shalt Not Kill" Commandment from their subverted, perverted and immensely watered down republican version of Christianity (not to mention being their brother's keeper or loving their enemy). They seemed equally unconscious to how they're completely ignoring the atrocities and war crimes against humanity that they are sanctioning and allowing to be committed in their name. Instead, remarkably - the only thing these perverters and subverters of true Christianity seemed to be concerned about this holiday season with regards to Christianity was chastising department store clerks for saying "Happy Holidays", instead of "Merry Christmas."

Talk about misguided priorities! But we always have to remember - this is all just part of the conservative republican ideology. Live in delusion, denial and ignorance - and the most important element, of course, remains - whine, moan, bitch and complain, and accuse the other side of that which they are most guilty of themselves. Author Paul Waldman (Fraud) calls it "Orwellian Misdirection."

And how does that work? Here's where the lessons of fascist propagandization come in handy. They whine and accuse so often (because they've been so thoroughly brainwashed into believing they actually have a legitimate complaint), and they whine and accuse so loudly - that even those who know they're full of crap eventually give up trying to combat their lies out of sheer frustration and disgust (except you and me, Thom Hartman, Air America and a few others, of course.) But when that happens - by and large - the abuser then gets to play the victim instead.

Classic example? The media. Rather than admitting to being the biggest abusers, subverters and perverters of the media which they now own - they just keep whining about, and accusing the media of being the "liberal media", which in the real world is absolutely ludicrous. But done often enough and loudly enough - and promulgated by the very media they now own - even rational thinkers begin to consider the irrational as a possibility. Ultimately, the very people who abuse the media the most get to play the victim of the media instead - victims of the republican owned, republican managed and republican controlled liberal media. Makes sense, doesn't it? To a psychotic, delusional, perverted and brainwashed republican mind? Yes it does, sadly. Don't believe me? Tune in to conservative radio sometime. This scenario as I just laid it out is replayed on a daily basis on literally hundreds of radio stations coast to coast.

And it's the same thing with Christianity. Rather than admitting to being the biggest abusers, subverters and attackers of Christianity - they just keep whining about, and accusing the other side of, trying to remove either Christianity or Christ himself from their already un-Christian, anti-Christ lives. And done often enough and loudly enough - and promulgated by the media, which they now own - again, the irrational becomes rational. Unreality becomes reality. The un-Christian becomes Christian. And the real attackers of Christianity get to play the victims of Christian attacks instead.

Nothing has exposed these self professed Christians' ignorance, blatant hypocrisy and lack of ownership of the religion they claim to own - than has George W. Bush's murderous, corporate invasion of Iraq (although almost any other republican policy would suffice.) But here's where republican's adherence and devotion to denial, ignorance and quite frankly, gross stupidity, comes into play. Just like they ignore who owns the media they claim to be a victim of; and just like they ignore a) the ownership of the voting machines that somehow ran counter to the traditionally reliable exit polls and b) the fact that their boy Bush can only manage a 48% approval rating the month after the election in a Fox News Poll - and instead, tell us he was elected overwhelmingly; they also ignore their own blatant Christ crimes and their transparent ignorance as to even the basic tenets of Christianity; and accuse the other side of trying to subvert Christianity instead.

Would sure love to be a fly on the wall when it's time for these religious hypocrites to give an accounting of themselves before their Creator. Tell Him how 9-11 changed everything - including His Commandments. Tell Him how the oceans He created no longer protected you. Tell Him how you demonized and deemed every one of His human creations who dared disagree with your false Bush prophet a "terrorist." Tell him why you disagreed with Christ's message of peace; and why you laughed at Dennis Kucinich when he suggested a Department of Peace. And tell me how you're going to respond when He asks, "Where was your faith?" Just a hunch, but somehow, I just don't think playing the victim will absolve you of your earthly republican crimes before the Almighty.

And this inherent delusion, ignorance and stupidity doesn't stop with Christianity, the media or voting machines. Consider the run up to the election - when it came to the issue of military service. Rather than admitting it was their boy who had the less than stellar military record, they accused the other side (who actually did have a genuine war hero) of having a candidate with a less than a stellar record. And done often enough and loudly enough - and promulgated by the media which they now own - once again, the irrational became rational. And instead of the focus being on draft dodging, drugs, alcohol, womanizing, bribery, coercion, influence, going AWOL, and deserting, the focus was shifted to whether or not the other guy was injured seriously enough to warrant his first military decoration.

Now I'm no psychiatrist, but I would be willing to bet when an abuser or a victimizer constantly claims to be the abused or the victimized - over infractions far less egregious than those they commit themselves - these are truly sick people, and ones that should have no influence what so ever in government, religion, the media or elections.

To draw an analogy; it's exactly the same as a rapist complaining because his victim scratched him in the face. And why would this rapist do this? If he felt he was "entitled" to rape his victim. And so it is with republicans. They feel entitled to rape this country. Of course, they call it "governing," but for those of us who have found it increasingly more difficult to sit down the past 4 years, rape is probably a more accurate terminology. (Haven't these Neanderthals ever heard of Vaseline?)

Bottom line? These people should be committed immediately - not only because they're a danger to themselves - but also before they can do any more harm to what was once considered to be the most intelligent, progressive nation in the world.

It is truly amazing that an ideology this shallow; this despicable and this disingenuous and downright hypocritical; can be marketed and sold and bought as one that is married to Christianity and Jesus Christ himself; when in reality, it is an ideology that is so entirely and transparently un-Christian and anti-Christ. But welcome to the insanity that has become George W. Bush's republican, neo-theocratic America.

And as I saw a familiar and valuable message throughout this Holiday season (the one pertaining to drinking and driving; and the roll friends must play at times like these) I paraphrased that message into one I think has the potential to be even more valuable and more critical. Friends don't let friends vote republican.

For Christ's sake.

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